Some of our female players representing Ghana

Some of our players recently participated in the U16 FIBA Zone 3 qualifiers. This tournament showcased young basketball talent from our region, providing an opportunity for our players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. Our team worked hard during training sessions leading up to the qualifiers, focusing on improving individual and team performance. The qualifiers were a challenging but rewarding experience for our players, as they faced tough opposition from other talented teams in our zone. Despite the fierce competition, our players displayed great determination, sportsmanship, and teamwork throughout the tournament. Their hard work and dedication paid off, as they secured victories in several matches and advanced to the next stage of the qualifiers. We are proud of our players' achievements and look forward to their continued success in the future.

Some of our male players in the FIBA Qualifiers.

Some of our male players participated in the u16 FIBA qualifiers. This was a great opportunity for them to showcase their skills and compete against top-level talent in their age group. The qualifiers were highly competitive, with teams from different countries giving their best to secure a spot in the final tournament. Our players displayed tremendous determination and teamwork throughout the qualifiers, impressing both coaches and spectators. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they managed to finish among the top teams and secure a place in the final tournament. This experience will undoubtedly contribute to their development as basketball players and help them grow both individually and as a team. We are proud of their achievements and excited to see how they perform in the upcoming tournament.

Congratulation to Wariya for being the Most Improved Player 2021/2022

Hard work, zeal, determination, focus, and passion have always been the driving forces behind success. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Wariya for being recognized as the most improved player of the 2021/2022 season. Wariya's unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have paid off, leading to this well-deserved achievement. Throughout the season, Wariya consistently showcased an unparalleled level of commitment, pushing boundaries, and surpassing expectations. This recognition serves as a testament to Wariya's incredible work ethic and unyielding spirit. It is a true inspiration to witness how perseverance and a burning passion for what you love can lead to such remarkable growth and development. Wariya's journey is a shining example of how hard work and determination can pave the way for success. Congratulations once again, Wariya, on this outstanding accomplishment!

Sadiku had 2nd highest GPA in his graduating year

Sadiku Ayo is an exceptional individual who excels both on and off the basketball court. Not only is he a skilled player, but he is also a highly intelligent young man. This was evident when he achieved the second highest GPA upon graduating. His dedication and hard work in both his studies and sports have undoubtedly paid off, and he deserves congratulations for his outstanding achievements. Sadiku is a role model for his peers, demonstrating that it is possible to succeed in various aspects of life simultaneously. His commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to others, and he should be proud of his accomplishments.

Chiefsbasketball Academy awarded

Chiefsbasketball Academy was honored with the prestigious award at the 2022 Ghana Basketball Honours, which took place at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. This recognition was bestowed upon them for their exceptional efforts in grassroots basketball development. The academy's commitment and dedication to nurturing young talents and providing them with opportunities to thrive in the sport have been widely acknowledged. Their focus on grassroots development has not only contributed to the growth of basketball at the grassroots level but has also fostered a sense of community and passion for the game among young players. The award serves as a testament to the academy's unwavering commitment to promoting basketball and empowering the next generation of athletes in Ghana.

5 of our girls got full scholarship

Congratulations to our girls for securing a scholarship to study at St. Louis Senior High School, one of the most prestigious schools in Ghana. This achievement signifies their hard work, dedication, and exceptional academic abilities. St. Louis Senior High School is renowned for its high standard of education, excellent facilities, and holistic approach to learning. Our girls can now look forward to a transformative educational experience that will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful future. We are immensely proud of their accomplishment and confident that they will make the most of this incredible opportunity. Their journey at St. Louis Senior High School will undoubtedly shape them into confident, well-rounded individuals, ready to excel in their chosen paths.

Sadiku wins MVP Award

Sadiku Ayo emerged as the most valuable player (MVP) in Taj Gibson's Tournament, showcasing an exceptional series of performances. With consistent displays of skill and talent, Ayo proved himself to be a pivotal asset to his team throughout the entire tournament. His remarkable achievements on the court undoubtedly contributed to his well-deserved recognition as the tournament's MVP. Demonstrating unwavering dedication and determination, Ayo consistently outshone his opponents, leaving a lasting impact on the competition. His outstanding abilities and impressive performances set him apart from the rest, solidifying his position as the tournament's MVP. Ayo's success serves as a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and natural talent, making him a true standout in Taj Gibson's Tournament.

Chiefs victorious over Ejisu Razors

Chiefs emerged victorious in a highly competitive friendly match against Ejisu Razors, securing the bragging rights with a final score of 54-38. The match was filled with intense moments as both teams displayed remarkable skills and determination. Chiefs demonstrated excellent teamwork, executing precise passes and swift movements that left the opposing team struggling to keep up. Their offensive strategies were particularly impressive, resulting in numerous successful shots and conversions. Despite a valiant effort from Ejisu Razors, Chiefs' solid defense proved to be a formidable obstacle, thwarting their opponents' attempts to score. The match showcased the talent and competitive spirit of both teams, leaving fans and spectators thoroughly entertained. Chiefs can now proudly claim their victory and relish in the accomplishment of their exceptional performance.

Kofi Agyei gains Full Scholarship

The management of Chiefsbasketball Academy is thrilled to announce that one of our talented players has been awarded a prestigious four-year full scholarship to pursue his dreams at Ateneo De Manilla in the Philippines. We are incredibly proud of his dedication, hard work, and exceptional skills that have earned him this incredible opportunity. This scholarship will provide him with the necessary resources and support to further develop his basketball talents while receiving a quality education at one of the renowned institutions in the country. We have no doubt that he will thrive in this new environment and make the most of this fantastic chance to excel academically and on the basketball court. Congratulations to our player for this well-deserved achievement!

Our U12 team in Kumasi Youth Basketball League

Our U12 team from the academy participated in the Kumasi Youth Basketball Development League at Patasi Baptist Church Wibble Arena. They displayed a great level of performance that exceeded our expectations. The young athletes showcased their skills and dedication throughout the games, proving their potential and talent. We are proud of their positive attitude and effort on the court. Their hard work and commitment paid off, as they achieved remarkable results. This experience in the league has not only enhanced their basketball abilities but also helped them develop essential values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. We look forward to seeing their continued growth and success in future competitions.

Donation made to Garden City Special School

Chiefsbasketball Academy has truly shown its commitment to making a positive impact within communities by making not one, but two donations to Garden City Special School. These generous contributions are a testament to their dedication to social interventions and helping those in need. It is heartwarming to see organizations like Chiefsbasketball Academy stepping up to support special schools like Garden City, as these institutions play a crucial role in providing education and support to children with special needs. These donations will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of the students, allowing them to access better resources and opportunities. Kudos to Chiefsbasketball Academy for their continuous efforts in giving back to the community.

Nicholas dominates in the Regional Spriteball Championship

Nicholas Essien from Opoku Ware Senior High School showcased exceptional skills and played a crucial role in leading his team to victory in the Regional Boys' Division Spriteball championship. With his dominant performance, Essien demonstrated his talent and determination on the court, earning him the title of a true game-changer. His relentless efforts, strategic gameplay, and ability to rally his teammates together were instrumental in securing the championship for his school. Essien's outstanding performance not only brought glory to Opoku Ware Senior High School but also showcased his potential as a future basketball star. His remarkable contribution to the team's success solidifies his position as a key player and an inspiration for aspiring athletes.

Alhassan Iddrisu makes it to Real Betis Sporting Club

He joined our training program in 2017 and began learning the fundamentals. Over time, he dedicated himself to refining his skills and mastering his craft. His hard work and perseverance did not go unnoticed, as Real Betis Sporting Club stumbled upon his videos showcasing his talent. Impressed by what they saw, they eagerly offered him a place within their team.

We were invited for Women Health and Wellness event in Accra

Her World. Her Rules, women health and wellness event hosted by Ghana Basketball Association in collaboration with Federation of International Basketball Association with partners like Ghana Association of Certified and Registered Anaesthetists and International Sickle Cell Centre Ghana. We were invited to attend at University of Ghana.

Watara gains scholarship to study Engineering at University of Ghana

This is Watara Mohammed, a talented athlete who has been awarded a basketball scholarship to the University of Ghana through our basketball program. She has not only excelled in her academics, pursuing a degree in Engineering, but also in her athletic endeavors. Recently, she achieved a remarkable feat by being crowned as the Sports Personality of the Year at the Engineering Students Association, University of Ghana. This recognition further solidifies her dedication and hard work both on and off the basketball court. Watara's skills and passion for the sport have earned her a spot as the starting centre for the University's women's basketball team. Her commitment to both her studies and her athletic pursuits make her an exceptional role model for aspiring student-athletes.